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There are many new shows and movies on every streaming service. No one really has old entertainment that you enjoyed as a child. You especially can barely find any really good Disney movies or shows without having to buy or pirate them.





Disney+ will make streaming fun, nostalgic, and heartwarming. You get access to anything Disney has ever put out or owned, including Disney Channel original shows and movies.


Brand Manifesto

Nostalgic isn’t just a word anymore. Disney+ is not just any streaming service, it’s a blast from the past. It brings back all the heartwarming shows, movies, and shorts you remember as a child. No adult ever gets the chance to feel like a kid again, but anything is possible with Disney+. Even kids will be able to watch, and experience imagination before their time. When you wish upon a star, you will always end up with Disney+. With Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, National Geographic, Marvel, The Simpsons, and more, you get to enter happiness again. Get Disney+ and don’t wait for your dreams to come true.

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