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A child’s dream and an adult’s memory.


The joy, tears, and imagination reminds us all how to live. The true happiness of when you press play on that Disney movie, suddenly all is right with the world. We made you believe anything was possible. But to never trust green smog or any sort of purple glow. Those beautiful memories of laughing and cheering when the villain is defeated. The love you felt when everything worked out with each princess.  When we are children we dream, then as adults we remember.



When you wish upon a star, it brings back memories from afar.


Have you ever seen that first star shining bright in the night sky? Did you ever wish on that star? We taught you that. When you wish upon a star, the memory of listening to that song fills your heart with joy. Even reading this causes nostalgia, doesn’t it? You have probably forgotten all these memories. But with us, you never have to. Preserve your memories, and keep them close to your heart. Never stop wishing upon stars because anything your heart desires will come to you.

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