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“I’ll Tell You a Story”


A child can’t sleep, he needs his mom to tell him a story. His mom wants to tell him an amazing story so he can go to sleep and have good dreams. So, she tells him what the story is, and it plays 30 seconds of all the greatest clips of movies that Disney+ has to offer. The words she says will play over the clips along with some inspiring music. After the 30 seconds are over, the child is ready to hear the story and it fades out.


The mother walks in to check to see if her child is okay, and finds the child awake.


MOM: Hey honey, what’s wrong?


She approaches the bed and sits down on it. The child has a sad look on its face.


CHILD: I can’t sleep.


MOM: I have a good idea, why don’t I tell you a story?


Child smiles.


CHILD: Okay mommy.


Camera goes to mom and fades out into the hodgepodge of clips. It goes to dark than straight to the clips.

SFX:       Right after the mom starts speaking, inspiring and nice music will start playing as well as some voice from the clip.


VO:         (This will be over the 30 seconds of clips) This story is full of heroes, princesses, magic, pirates, space, and imagination.


Cuts right back to the mom.


MOM:      Are you ready honey?


The child smiles and it fades out to the super.


SUPER:     Where your dreams become reality.


Then this fades to Disney+ logo along with all of the other things associated with it.


LOGO:        Disney+


Beneath it appears the rest of the things associated with it.


LOGO:       Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars + National Geographic

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