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Press Release for Fossati Labs



PHILADELPHIA, PA, November 17th, 2021- In today’s climate, we are losing more and more people. Not just due to physical ailments, but to mental ones as well. Fossati Labs is focused on that of the mind. Treating illness of the mind is just as import as treating a physical affliction.


Fossati Labs has received a grant to conduct a clinical study to determine whether or not cardiovascular disease increases the risk of the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s destroys memories as well as other important cognitive resources that people are natural born with. It is an affliction that has ruined many families and hurt loved ones. However, there is a way for you to participate in the study to cure this horrid disease.


To make this happen, we will need willing volunteers much like yourselves. We are looking for individuals from the ages of 60-90 years old. The focus of this study is on the health and safety of those who would most likely be affected by Alzheimer’s. This is a clinical study, and not a clinical trial. So, there is no need to worry about the testing of medication. The only activities the individuals will have to do is receive mental assessment, bloodwork, and MRI’s.


Diversity is important to us, so we would like to gather people of all different backgrounds to be involved. We are looking for participants in the Westchester and Temple University area in Philadelphia. Transportation will be provided to and back from the study. For this study, participants can be compensated for up to $250 dollars.

Our lab is located at Alzheimer's Center at Temple (ACT), Temple University, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Department of Neural Sciences, 3500 N Broad Street, MERB 1159

Philadelphia, PA 19140.  Please connect was us at

This study is about you. To keep you safe, and keep you healthy. Protect the fond memories of your youth and of your loved ones. Your memories are precious, don’t risk losing them.

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