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Guerilla Ad


Photo booths set up at each major city. People can go inside and take old fashioned pictures. There will be a lot of props (that will be in the filters, so people don’t steal them) and filters you can use depending on what photo booth you are in. You can put yourself in a movie, or with a person, or anything Disney has. It will be a big variety, just like Disney+. The background in each booth will be a green screen so it can work in each individual universe. There will be five photo booths in each city. Each one representing the 5 brands that Disney owns. There will be Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Then you can tweet or tag Disney+ with these photos and if you don’t want print options you can email them to yourself. Then if you get pictures from all 5 booths, you can tweet or tag Disney+ to end up on their page. It can be a worldwide campaign of #DisneyBox.

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